I am honestly proud of myself

I am honestly, honestly, not upset regardless of the outcome. You see I’ve been working like a mad fool, despite the fact that I have been sick, and despite the mental hurdles that have come with being this ill for 8 months. That being said even if I wasn’t sick I’m not blind to the amount of work I have put into it.

I truly do see where other people are coming from. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate their concerns. The thing is in life all you can do is your best. We humans are capable of doing amazing things. Sometimes our best isn’t enough or sometimes we just need to invest ourselves in a different way. This is something I understand. I give everything I have and I keep on going. This something that is such a far departure from the teenage me who would have given up or just lock myself away from it all.

Hope isn’t lost. Maybe I’ll be surprised. But if it turns out the way I think it will that is OKAY. I am OKAY. I am happy despite the challenges I’ve been faced with. I know that things haven’t progressed as quickly as I would have thought but I still have time to do something amazing, and progress is being made! I haven’t let the obstacles get me down, I’ve just developed different ways of getting around them.

I am just so, so proud of myself.

Good job me!


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