My cat and I are busted up eye buddies

So before anyone says “you horrible owner take him to the vet!” I totally have and apparently he’s okay he’s just got a virus running through him right now but apart from that he’s healthy.

But because of increased tear production the fur around his eye has eroded a little bit and you can see more skin around the eye than the other. One day it actually swelled.

I have been having eye troubles as well. My eyes become very inflamed, swollen, and are bloodshot for the better part of the day.

The funny thing is I’ve become photosensitive and he has as well. So we both sit in the dark for hours. As my other cat (his brother) watches the busted up eye buddies sit in a dark corner in self pity. Before he comes in to snuggle our self pitying selves.

Funnily these are the most relaxing parts of my day 😆

Though I do hope for both our sakes that our eyes return to normal!


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