March Update

Not much to say. Probably cause not much has changed. I’m still undiagnosed, so I guess we are back to square 1-ish. At this point I’ve tried all that I can think of with my symptoms but nothing has really helped and until my next diagnostic test I just need to keep up with life.

I guess this will be more a recap post if anything.

Things that are happening-I take my board certification exam the first week of April (right after my birthday). We’ll have to see what (if any) doors open by that point.

I am applying to a continuing education program for a specific area of my field for September and talking to admissions this week.

I also plan on doing some more certifications and volunteering in April/May just to be doing something.

I guess two things are the two major professional developments I’m making.

To be fair I’ve been more exhausted then I have ever been but I’ve been  pacing myself so that I am still moving forward. It may be a little much for me but I am hoping that by September my health is more manageable than it has been and since the course is 10 months and will require an exit exam I don’t think I will actually be working in that specific area until August/September of 2018. But that’s something right?

Other oddities. One I plan on possible doing a split dyed fringe (which I will post up if I actually decide to go through with it!)

But seriously that’s it for now. Not a whole lot of concrete improvements but I am working towards them. April is kinda the month I think things will start looking up. I’ll update you guys on my progress(or set backs) as I encounter them.


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