As a pet owner you love your pet but when is enough, enough?

I love my cats. Penguin and Bagheera are two lovely aspects of my life. Emotionally, there have been times that they’ve been so good. Wonderful companions with the sweetest temperaments.

The problem is both Bagheera and Penguin are chronically sick and I feel like I am no longer equipped to deal with it. I’ve had them for less than 2 years and have paid close to $2000 in vet bills. And yet again I need to go on Monday (not that I think it will yield results). The thing is even if I go I am still terrifed as to what the vet will find and how much it will cost to fix it.

I love them so much but it’s so hard. Their living expenses exceed my own and I feel myself getting more and more in debt because of it. I’ve been looking for a new job but their problems come up so fast that not even the promise of a paycheck stops the bleeding in time. Because I’m bleeding money.

I love them they are living creatures and they’ve done me a lot of good. But the stress of every time and health crisis happens always cripples me. Now a days what happens is they seem to get better but then it spirals quickly usually within days of each other and then I burn out because I am the primary care taker elsewhere (that stresses much more stressed than the cats).

In 8 months there has been 6 vet visits. All yielding nothing and one time when I spent $210 on a treatment my cat would have been fine without.

I have them on a really good diet, have the best grooming tools, groom them daily, give them supplements whenever they need it, by all the right medical aids, I snuggle them plenty, play with them, even bathe them at times. But thays not enough to keep these two happy and healthy because genetically there’s just too much wrong.

Everytime, there’s one bandaid another problem comes up and it’s just one thin,g after another thing after, another thing. As a pet owner I have a responsibility to take care of these boys but owning two chronically ill pets is a very great responsibility, one that nearly crushes me.

I do all I can for them. Continue to do all I can for them but I need to ask myself when is enough enough? How can I at this point, ensure that the quality of their lives isn’t horrible? I want them to be happy and healthy but nothing seems to be working and I just feel like I’m all out of options.


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