When a job is so bad you quit after the first week…

*While writing this I am actually in really high spirit

So I took on a temp job they seemed in desperate need of workers and the work hours seemed reasonable. Considering all that has gone on this year I figured it couldn’t be so bad. I would just wait for something more reasonable to come up. I thought that since it was from home I could pace myself when it became too much. Nope.giphyq.gif

This company is desperate for workers for a reason. They were horrible. They didn’t communicate and failed to explain. They also very, very grossly understated the amount of work I would be doing. I didn’t spend a few hours on it a day. I spent whole entire days, and all night, working on it. Only to receive a rude call from my supervisor about the unacceptable product I submitted. This being said, she herself could have taken the time to type a page for new hires to explain what to do with a busy week rather than hand me a huge shipment with no explanation and expect me to just ‘figure it out’.

I knew going in the pay was horrible but I figured if I wasn’t working much it wouldn’t matter. To be honest I can’t work 2 straight days and be continuously stressed for 70 bucks a week to be micromanaged and get pay deductions,because they weren’t happy with it. The fact is since you are working from home and you are new they could even mass message new people with a small explanation of things to expect and what to do. Nope, nothing.

It sucked for reals! My back, arms, and legs burned. I was so exhausted. I had to wake up early after not sleeping at all. I was just so done.

I resigned as soon as I dropped off. I am hoping that since I am so new that these people won’t have qualms about letting me off without making another 2 weeks (but I’m not confident) since I just started and wasn’t trained. I mean it took me less than an hour to get the job I just had to go in and sign something (other sign that the job you are undertaking needs people that badly for a reason).

On the plus side I have some financial things figured out and I will just continue to apply to REGULAR jobs for the next few weeks and hopefully I will end up with a normal part-time job.

Honestly, I’ve never had a job I despised  so much before, things have gotten tough but I work through it usually. This time though I knew that I couldn’t have this job ruin my life, my studying, ,my education, and still get paid so little. It just didn’t make sense. I mean some people will roll their eyes but honestly learning experienced my momma told me so and I didn’t listen to her. MOMMA YOU WERE RIGHT!

i have all the answers.gif


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