Literature and the Arts

So basically, anything from literature which to me mainly consists of fiction novels which more often then not contain some form of romance (because I’m a romance novel addict but only if there is other elements of adventure, drama, wit, fantastical settings, and sometimes the  a dragon cause every story is cool bro but it always needs dragons! ;P). And sometimes may write the occasional blurb on comics mostly manga. Which are basically japanese comics. WHAATT manga a nearly 22 year old who reads comics. *Sigh* let me explain YES i read manga from time to time in the shoujo variety because female directed manga EXISTS and give you the most darn fluffy innocent romances ever that just make you go “aww” like  the way you say “aww” when  you see baby animals that have no business being being friends being bestest of animal buddies!

Essentially, here I’ll right about recent reads because I read quite a few novels annually where i’ll give a brief summary, talk about things I liked, or things that just made me think and go “hmm”.


5 thoughts on “Literature and the Arts

  1. I consider myself a manga buff…..if such a thing existed anyway, and I am not too much into shoujo but I decided to give it a shot so I started reading Skip Beat, I highly recommend it, it’s hilarious and romantic with the greatest protagonist and characters ever, hope you give it a shot 🙂


    • lol it totally does exist! I consider myself a shoujo buff 😉 that’s about it though…except the occasional other manga…I have read Skip Beat! I loved the protagonist! She’s a riot! If you liked it I think I’d also suggest the Wallflower it is also very funny!


      • Wow, I just got out mangaed…..I am sure THAT doesn’t exist XD I haven’t caught up with skip beat yet but I will be sure to check on Wallflower. Haven’t you ever considered branching out to different genres? I am an insane one piece fan and I always try my best to recruit some more into the one piece army XD or if you would like something more realistic, I recommend Hajime no Ippo or Holyland


      • lol well to be honest it isn’t that I haven’t given shounens a chance I tend to watch shounen animes more so than shoujos because I can commit to reading them not watching them. I’ve seen the first three seasons of one piece…I don’t remember why I stopped watching it…it was a while back…I haven’t heard of the other two but thank you for the suggestion 🙂


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