I don’t think I need to do much explaining here. This is basically about musical interests I have anywhere from  musical songs I like and about myself musically. One thing about me is I love music I listen to it all the time all day everyday at home on the computer, in the car, on my ipod, on the speaker. When I like a song I’ll try tirelessly to find it and when I do I feel like I’ve solved the biggest Criminal Mind Case ever!Then I learn the lyrics and sing it! Cause I’m truly a singer at heart. I love singing and  music more than almost anything else. I sing everyday when I’m stressed, when I’m happy, when  I’m bored its just the most constant thing in my life. Remember when  I said earlier that I’m painfully shy? That’s still super true. But I never feel freer then when I feel like I’m belting like Aretha in basement with the remote control as my who knows from time to time I may even post my randitions on songs that I talk about or something! This is all fresh so I’m just trying to get a taste of the art of blogging


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